Saturday, 13th April

We’ve packed our bags…

This week went by too fast, we’re grateful that we could experience this funny, beautiful week. The farewell was so emotional, will we ever meet again?

At 7.20 a.m. we started our long journey home. The way from Vienna to Feldkirch was really exhausting.The main problem was in Feldkirch because some students weren’t able to hop out of the train. They turned back and we had to take a bus to Buchs because there was no reasonable train connection.From there we took a train to Sargans, changed again and made it back to Andelfingen with a delay of one hour. We all had too little sleep and still feel sad about the departure from the Czech Republic.

Good that tomorrow it’s Sunday!

Elea Melchionna

Chiara Stelletti

1 thought on “Saturday, 13th April

  1. Thank you for sharing all your experiences here! I really enjoyed reading the blog. I’m sure you’ll meet again one day!

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