Thursday, 11th April

We love Prague

After a looooong trip we had our personal highlight: Prague! It was cold and windy, but we enjoyed the whole day. First we visited Wenceslas Square, which is the centre of the town. Then we crossed Charles Bridge. We saw a lot of musicians and painters there. The walk up to the castle took us quite a while. Before we could enter the area, we had to pass a security check, which surprised us a lot. The castle is really old but beautiful and the nearby church impressed us with its artistic glass windows inside.What a wonderful view over the city of Prague, everybody just had to take pictures!

Enough sightseeing – that’s what the jolly shopper’s heart says! First we tried a typical speciality of Prague called Trdeln├Čk. This is a yeast dough with a sugar hazelnut coating. Yummy!!!

Then the Czech students decided to go to a shopping centre, whereas the Swiss wanted to buy souvenirs. So we split into two groups and walked back to the train station.

Finally we sat in the train with some typical souvenirs and lots of memorable pictures.

Ramona Ettlin

Jasmin Pfaffhauser

Stephanie Mathis

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  1. Thank you for sharing – it’s always a pleasure to read the stories of the day.
    Enjoy the remaining time and have a save trip home.

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