Tuesday, 9th April

25 degrees in Mikulov

A hot visit in the castle of Lednice and the city of Mikulov.

Our journey started in front of Strážnice’s gymnasium. The bus arrived right on time and we all got in. After one hour driving through the Czech Republic we arrived at the castle in Lednice. It was very impressive. After 45 minutes of exploring the surroundings with the huge garden we went to the next destination with our private bus.

We stopped at the bottom of a hill with ruins on it. The whole area belongs to a nature reserve. We had to walk up the mountain which was really exhausting because it was so hot! Finally we were at the top of the mountain where we had about 20 minutes to explore the old walls.

We kept on walking up to a little hill where we had our lunch. It was so windy that we had to wear a jacket! Otherwise we could have got sick, and nobody needs that! The way back to the bus was really hard, there were stones and dust everywhere, it was quite slippery and the area reminded us a bit of Italy.

Our last destination was Mikulov. Our teachers allowed us one hour to explore the city. Since we were all tired, we first ate an ice cream. We think that the Czech ice cream is better than the Swiss one because it has more aroma. Then we explored the old castle which was needed for political negotiations. It was extremely impressive and huge. We had a comfortable way back to Strážnice.

André Pfister

Nick Anrig