Monday, 8th April

Culture in  Strážnice 

Rise and shine with beautiful weather in Strážnice.Today was all about culture. First thing in the morning: We were greeted by the school director who wished us a nice stay in Strážnice. Next we learned some things about the place. We had a special concert which was held by a school ensemble. After a greeting in the town hall by the major of  Strážnice we were offered a sweet speciality of the area. Then we returned to the school to learn a few Czech words.

hello – ahoj

hello (politely) – dobrý den

goodbye – na shledanou

How are you? – Jak se más?

I’m fine. – Mám se dobře.

If you don’t like learning another language, how about dancing? We learnt a folk dance together with our amazing dancing teacher Bára. Next stop was the church where we heard an organ version of “Holka modrooká” and some other tunes on the organ. Antonín did an excellent job as an organ player!

We probably all know what an open air museum is: a museum in the open air. We had a tour through some old houses and heard some interesting facts about them. The program ended with a tour through Strážnice and our first day was already over.

Elisa Rutschmann

Naomi Bachmann

10 thoughts on “Monday, 8th April

  1. That’s so interesting, learning stuff about the Czech traditions and new words in their language. Well, how do you pronounce these words? Maybe you can upload some Audio-Files, too! 🙂

  2. That‘s pretty intresting and i Hope you enjoy the week in Stráznice.
    I Hope i can make the x-change too 😉

  3. It sounds very nice! It‘s cool to learn a bit of Czech. I wish you a nice time in Sràznice!

  4. That sounds really interesting! We also would like to learn these words. We can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  5. Ahoj

    We hope you enjoy the trip. We would like to try the sweet speciality too.
    It was very funny to read the czech words.

    Na sheldanou

  6. This looks very interesting but it‘s also an exhausting programm. We would also like to take part at the xchange in the 3th grade.

    We wish you much fun in the remaining days.

  7. Cool! I hope you will enjoy the last hours with your new friends. I also like to do this when im in the 3rd grade. 🙂

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