Sunday, 7th April

Arrival in Strážnice, family day

Our xchange partners awaited us in Strážnice with a song. Some of them were dressed up in folklore costumes. We were offered some bread with salt, for the teacher there was even some Sliwowitze …

After the welcome, everyone went home with his or her partner. In the afternoon, our group of 10 persons made a trip to the border of Slovakia. This border is about 10 km away from the small village of Sudomerice.

Mike Sutter

After a really long trip from Andelfingen to Strážnice we were offered a wonderful welcome with bread and something to drink. We got to know the host family and spent the day with our xchange partners. Me and David met with friends of his and they showed us their village. It was great to see the beautiful white and blue wine cellars. We went to Slovakia for dinner and had a few hamburgers there.

Nils Stäuber

After all the welcoming at the station we went to the host families’ homes. When I arrived at home, Anna showed me my bedroom. So I took my stuff out of the suitcase. Then we had lunch which was very tasty. After that we watched a film and played a game. At 4.20 p.m. we left the house and went to the bus station. We drove to a nearby city where we met some friends. Then we wanted to go to a restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed because the employees were sick. So we walked to a nearby bowling alley and had a pizza there. While we were eating the pizza we were talking a lot.It was pretty funny. We left and went back to our families.

Daniel Furrer

5 thoughts on “Sunday, 7th April

  1. Hello together!
    Is it true that your were welcome with a Song?
    Did you learn any new words in Czech?
    Enjoy your time in the Czech Republik!!!
    Dear Regards Mika, Julian

  2. That sounds nice. Enjoy your week in Straznice and have a lof of fun. I hope the hamburgers smelled good.

  3. It sounds very nice. We wish you a wonderful week!
    Hopefully you can learn lots of English. 😉

  4. We like your post because it was really interesting to read what do you make. We hope the food is again very tasty.

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