Saturday, 6th April

Journey to Strážnice

Good morning everybody. We finally arrived in Strážnice after a long ride on the night jet and some other trains.

First, after we had said goodbye to our parents, we took the train to Zurich, where the night jet awaited us. The compartments were quite narrow, but when we had stowed everything away, it was comfortable, everybody slept a while. At 7 o’clock we woke up and we ate breakfast. We could choose between coffee and tea.

In Vienna, we saw some old buildings which looked quite nice. The Austrian landscape is flat and without any special characteristics.There were some villages, wind turbines and many acres.We crossed the border to the Czech Republic at about 9 p.m. The Czech Republic welcomed us with a train delay.

But that wasn’t a big problem, because at the next stop we had to wait about one hour. The trains were as expected, bad (quote: Flip, my change partner)!

In Hodonìn we were awaited by the Czech teacher Jan Willem Jongepier. Together with him we travelled to Strážnice where we first officially met our partners.

Jan Gross und Samuel Bührer