Saturday – good bye Strážnice


Saturday morning started very early for us. It was hard to get up after only four hours of sleep;  many of us had been celebrating for very long. At seven o’clock we met the other students at the train station in Strážnice. We made some last photos and had to say good bye. It was really emotional and it was sad that we didn’t have enough time to give all students a big hug. During the farewell there were a lot of tears but when we almost missed the train the mood changed very quickly to a good level again. Even though we were very sad, we were looking forward to seeing our family again. And the thought that we could soon be having a normal shower, standing upright, instead of kneeling in the bathtub, comforted us a lot. 


The song „Heiweh nach de Berge, nach de Schoggi und em Wii“ accompanied us on the way back home.  We made some stopovers in the cities of Hodinin, Vienna and Innsbruck. During those stops we were glad to stretch our legs and to explore the train stations.


On the rides we spent our time with singing, talking, listening to music, playing (stupid – editors’ note) computer games and with watching movies. On the way we saw that the landscapes of the Czech Republic and Austria are totally different and that was interesting for all of us.



It was a beautiful time together with all the students and the teachers.


Riana and Ronja

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  1. Nice^^ I’m happy that you enjoyed this week and I hope that we can see each other again!

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