Thursday – Praha/Prague

Prague! Finally! We were so excited even though we had to get up very early. The train trip was sooo short, just kidding, it was a 4-hour trip. Prague welcomed us with sunny weather and with many tourists.


First we were at the Wenceslas Square, which is one of the main city squares and also the centre of business and culture in the new town of Prague. And we can also recommend it for shopping. After a lot of souvenir shops we crossed the beautiful Charles Bridge, which took us over the longest river from Czech Republic, the Vltava (Moldau). On the bridge there were a lot of musicians, painters and merchants. We had a real holiday feeling and we enjoyed it very much.


With a red head and a thirsty mouth, we reached the castle. The castle is the house of the president of the Czech Republic and it is the longest and oldest still inhabited house of the world. Next to it, there is a wonderful church. We think it’s one of the most beautiful attractions we saw in Czech Republic.


After all that sightseeing we could finally start our shopping tour. But we had to take care of our bags, so that nothing would get stolen.


Now we are sitting on the train again, writing this text, our feet are hurting and we just want to fall into our beds.

Annina, Janine, Leonie

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  1. Ah “the golden city”! Thanks for sharing your impressions and I hope your feet won’t hurt for too long! 😉

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