Wednesday – Post-Easter workshop and Crisps Factory

As usual we took the bus to go to school in Strážnice. When we arrived there we were split up into two groups. One group started at the crisps factory and the other group had a post-Easter workshop.

At the crisps factory we learnt a lot about the different types of potatoes. The man also told us what we need to make crisps: Water, rapeseed oil, potatoes and flavours. Then we went to the producing hall to see how the crisps are made. After the tour we walked back with a big box full of crisps. 


The second workshop showed us how traditional Easter whips are made. It looks easy, but we soon realized that it isn’t. We also got the chance to decorate Easter eggs and biscuits. After getting all the necessary information for tomorrow’s trip to Prague we took off to our free afternoon. 



Almost all the students met up in Uherské Hradiště, a lovely city, for a laser game. We had a lot of fun together.


Happy but also tired we caught the train back to our hometowns. Tonight we ate an early dinner. We need a good sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day in Prague.

Florian and Joel

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – Post-Easter workshop and Crisps Factory

  1. Hi there

    So back in Switzerland you’re going to do Sek-Afi-Crisps for the “Pausenkiosk”? 🙂

    Keep enjoying your time and I’m looking forward to reading the next post about your day in Praha / Prague.


  2. Ahoy Florian
    In the Easter workshop you’ve got a whip in your hand.
    What do you need it for? Let us know, please 🙂

    Say hello to all the students and teachers and have an exciting day in Prague!

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