Tuesday – Lednice and Mikulov

It’s two minutes before 8:00 clock. We are running, I think we will be the last ones. I hope the bus will wait for us. But in this moment I can see others from our group. We are not the last ones, oh wow, finally we reach the bus and our adventure of today can start. 

After a funny bus ride to the beautiful Lednice castle we had our own time to do experiences in the castle garden. In our group we took a lot of pictures. The nature was really beautiful but the lake was a bit smelly which wasn’t nice. Another problem was, that we were too slow and we didn’t manage to see the whole park.


Some minutes later we’re in the bus again and on our way to the „Mädchenburg“. It was really beautiful and we had a nice view over the Czech Republic. But the walk was very hard and we were really happy when we finally saw the ruin. We got 15 minutes time to take pictures and eat something. But I think most of us just took pictures and didn’t eat anything because the view was too nice. A little problem was, that it was really windy so we couldn’t see anything because of our hair.


Our next step was to walk back to the bus and this was a really long way. Back in the bus everyone was tired and we were hoping for a long ride to the next stop. But, it wasn’t like this! Only a few minutes later we arrived in Mikulov. We had some time to take a look at the beautiful town. Our group went to a cafe to eat a cake and to drink something. We had a lot of stuff to talk about and it was a lot of fun. Some others visited the castle. Others were hungry so they went to a  kebab place. The man there had a lot of fun because we are coming from Switzerland.


Back on the bus the Swiss boys played music and we discussed what we’re going to do in the evening. And we decided to go to the house of Lucy with some people. 

Elisa and Jasmine 

1 thought on “Tuesday – Lednice and Mikulov

  1. Dear Elisa, dear Jasmine

    I am very pleased to read that you are enjoying your stay in Straznice very much.
    Honestly, I would love to be there, and see this beautiful country with its old culture and wonderful landscapes, instead of having to go to work ;-))))!
    I am looking forward to read what you did today and if there will be more PARTY!!!!

    Enjoy your time and learn as much as you can! The experiences that you make in this week will accompany you in all your future years, and you will have funny stories to tell to your grandchildren… in many, many years;-)))
    Tanti saluti, mamma Cecilia

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