Sunday – family day

Sunday, 8th April

To wake up on a train is something new for us. The place is small but quiet enough. After the little breakfast in the train, we have time to take our things and make us ready to leave.

„In 10 minutes we arrive in Strážnice.“ All of us are so nervous to see the other students from  the Xchange. And then the train stops. We take our luggage and get out of the train. All students stand there, with flags, and start to sing „Müeh mit de Chüe“, the song which they learned in Switzerland. It was an emotional moment for us and interesting to see how well they can sing the song!

After the song, they welcomed us in the Czech Republic.

In the afternoon each family did something with us. My family took me to a cave, which is 2 hours away from Stràznice. We saw some stalagmites and we could drive with a boat in the caves. It was really interesting and I’m very excited to see more of this country. The day we finished with a tasty, traditional meal from here.

Yves Zeugin



On Sunday morning, at 8 o’clock we arrived in Vienna, where we changed train. At 10:30 we finally arrived to Strážnice, and the Czech students sang the song „Müeh mit de Chüe“, that we tought them in Switzerland. Then the family took me to their home and we ate lunch. In the afternoon we drove to Brno and went to a technical museum and after that we visited Spielberk castle. Up there it was very funny, due to the heavy wind we almost couldn‘t stand on our feet. In the evening we went bowling with some other students from the Xchange.



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4 thoughts on “Sunday – family day

  1. Hi everyone! Sunshine, good friends … and so many smiling faces 🙂 A perfect start into an exciting week! Always happy to read your news and see your pics! Enjoy!

  2. Hi there!
    Wow, that’s impressive and touching that your friends have trained singing that Swiss song!!!! Thanks for sharing this experience!

    Question to Yves: what was the traditional dish you were served? 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Hello there!

    I‘m sorry for the late answer.
    I had a specialty, the name is Svíčková. In Switzerland it’s „Knödel“ and some meet with a special sauce and some berrys. For dessert we had a peace of cheescake.
    (It’s very tasty)

    Regards from Stráznice.

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