Saturday to Sunday – our journey to Strážnice

 Betrayed the Czech guys

Ahoj! We met at quarter past eight in the evening at the train station in Andelfingen, where we said goodbye to our families. After two minutes on the train we were told off, because we were „too loud“.

So our journey started very well. 🙂

In Zurich we went onto the nightjet, which brought us to Vienna. We were SO nervous but totally excited!

We had a very „cool“ couchette, we could put our window down and put our heads out. It was forbidden, but we didn’t know until Mrs. Ducci told us.

We were extremely amused about the lake of Zurich by night and we screamed a lot, out of the window.

We didn’t slept much, but laughed a lot.

We were woken up at 06:30 in the morning by Elisa, because someone served us breakfast. Okay, a Croissant and a hot chocolate, but it did it for the morning.

We arrived  to Vienna nine minutes in advance, but this was perfect, so we didn’t get in a rush. We drove with this train to Hodónin, what took about one and a half hour. There we had 30 minutes to do what we wanted. There happened the first mistake to us (Nuby and Indi).

We needed to go to the toilet, but it cost 10 crowns per person and the man inside there couldn’t speak any english. So we just had 10 crowns and we were two people, so we went together in the cabin. The man made hand signs, but we didn’t understand what to do, so we just handed back the key, said „dig“ (thank you) and moved away.

So, our first impression to the Czech population was, that we betrayed them. WE‘RE SORRY!

Nubya and Indira

IMG_6333 IMG_6339

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  1. Thanks for that interesting and funny blog-post! Sounds that you’re having lots of fun. 🙂 Don’t worry too much about the toilet-story: you can pay double the price on your way back. 😉 Regards, A.Brugger

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