Great time with the Czech students :)

Last November a group of 18 Czech students from our partner school in Strážnice came for a week to Switzerland. They joined an exciting programme with our students and stayed with our friendly host families! Thanks again to all the families for their support!

Here are some photos of this unforgetable experience!IMG_4795 IMG_4834 IMG_4857 IMG_4872 IMG_4903 IMG_4913 IMG_4924 IMG_4936 IMG_4942 IMG_4947 IMG_4957 IMG_5010 IMG_5051 IMG_5053 IMG_5064 IMG_5079 IMG_5082

1 thought on “Great time with the Czech students :)

  1. It’s always an exciting opportunity to spend time in another country even for a short time. Wonderful that a group of our students has the chance to get an idea of life in Straznice!
    Have a great week!

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