Saturday – journey back home

Today we woke up very early because it was the day for travelling back to Switzerland. We packed our things and some people got presents for their parents and families. We all arrived at the train station at 8:20 a.m. We said goodbye and thanks for the beautiful week. It was really sad because we will miss them. We hugged each other for a while and we all hope to go back to the Czech Republic some day. When we were leaving all Czech people waved goodbye. Some people started to cry.

We changed the train in Vienna. The next six hours were very long but we could sometimes stand up and walk around. The next stop was Feldkirch. Some of the students went to the restaurant and the others sat on the ground.

After that great weak with our Czech friends we were nevertheless glad to be back home 🙂

Enya, Nadine


Dear Czech students, dear families, dear Jan Willem, dear Jarka

We want to thank you again for your hospitality, your friendship and the wonderful week.
All of us have unforgettable memories in our mind! We all would like to come again and see more of your beautiful country!
It must have been an incredible busy week for you, we appreciate your work and your organization very much.
We hope that you will have time to relax together with your family at Eastern.
We are sure that many of the students will stay in contact and see each other again!
We teachers are looking forward to continueing the Xchange.
Happy Easter holiday
Ursy Helbing & Beat Merz

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