Friday – quiz and farewell evening

Today, we played some games at school. First, there was a quiz about Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Betty and Marie explained us the game. After that, we made groups of four and started one group after the other, letting pass some time before the next group could start. We had to walk through the whole school and search the numbers with the questions. It was  really interesting. When all groups were back, we went to the Aula to play other games.

The second game was Bingo. We played it twice and we had enough time to even do some  pantomimes. The morning was funny. At 12, Ramon and Vanessa went to eat in a restaurant. And in the afternoon, we went shopping because we needed some food for our journey home tomorrow. We then took the train to Veseli because we wanted to go in a café. There, we met Rya and Fiorella. It was a nice afternoon. Some other students went to Uherské Hradište to play Lasertag. For most of them it was the first time.

In the evening, we all met in the Restaurant Skanzen for the farewell dinner. We had meat with so called dumplings and sauce, the dumplings were rather new to all of us, we liked them. After dinner, the Czech people organised a party. It was very cool and we were all in a good mood :-))

Vanessa, Kay, Ramon

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