Thursday – workshops and Modrá Archaeological Museum

Today’s morning we were excited to learn how the Czech people celebrate Eastern. We formed three groups. In the first hour our group could paint Easter eggs the traditional way, with special colours made out of red, blue and green wax. The second workshop we created a twig with the help of a teacher. The twigs are made of willow and the boys need them to whip the girls on Easter Monday. This custom is common to bring luck and fertility to the girls. Last but not least we decorated ginger bread, which was very difficult for us because the sugar paste couldn’t be applied so easily.

We were faster than we thought, so we had much time to learn Czech tongue twisters. We also watched videos about Easter Monday customs in the Czech Republic and Slowakia. Finally, we sang the Swiss and the Czech songs we had learned in Switzerland.

At eleven fifty we went to the canteen and ate the food, which had been cooked in the canteen.

Then we travelled by bus to an Archaeological Open-air Museum. In that museum we all got a description of the old houses. We were in every single house and could see how people lived in the 9th century. After the tour through the houses we went to a museum about all fish which live there in freshwater. In our opinion the workshops in the morning were more interesting than the afternoon in the museums. Now we are looking forward to the bicycle tour and the film evening.

Alina, Carina, Nina


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  1. Hi there!
    Seems like you’re having fun! Thanks for the interesting posts and the pictures! You’ll be able to introduce new easter-traditions to your families
    Have a safe trip home!

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