Tuesday – Palava Biosphere Reserve – Cave – Mikulov

Today we were at the old castle named Maidenburg. We had to hike about three hours. At the beginning it was easy. Some students felt very hot, so they took their jackets off. We talked about music and some of us listened to music with their UE Booms.The Swiss students sang Swiss hiking songs. After 25 minutes we arrived at the first ruins. There we took a lot of photos from the beautiful view. Some ate a sandwich.

We stayed there about half an hour, then we walked on. At this moment the hiking trip became a bit harder. After an hour’s walk we had lunch: most of us ate Schnitzel with bread. We had quite a lot of time to relax. We finally walked back and got on the bus again. Alena and I (Alice) bought an ice cream. So did many others. Then we got on the bus and drove to a cave.

At the cave entrance we split the group in two: Czech and Swiss students. The Czechs went into the cave first. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what the guide said, but all in all it was very interesting. There were also many bats and some of us were scared. The warmest „room“ in the cave had about 8 degrees.

After the cave tour we walked through the town Mikulov. It was very nice there. But unfortunately we didn’t have time to see more of this town.

We had lots of fun during the bus drive! A lot of us went to the crisps factory in Strážnice. It was an amazing day!

Alice, Ronja, Fiorella

4 thoughts on “Tuesday – Palava Biosphere Reserve – Cave – Mikulov

  1. Hi
    Nice to see that you have a nice time and so special experiences.
    Enjoy your time in Strážnice.

    Elisa and Jasmine

  2. Thanks for all the awesome pics and your texts (beautiful English I must say…).
    Have a wonderful time, I’m eager to see your Czech dance moves!
    Un saluto speciale a tutte le ragazze dal corso italiano: CIAO, ci vediamo!

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