Sunday – family day

Early in the morning, we woke up in the night train. The “beds” were uncomfortable. A man brought a little breakfast that we ate. Soon after breakfast, we packed our stuff. The time to change trains in Vienna was enough. During the journey from Vienna to Hodonín we played some travel games “Stadt-Land-Fluss”. Upon our arrival in the Tchech Republic, we had wonderful weather and we realized that the countryside is very different to Switzerland. When we arrived at Stráznice, the Czech students played traditional songs and gave us bread with salt. It was a special feeling to see our friends again. After saying hello we all split up and joined our families.

In my family we ate fries and afterwards we went cutting willow brunches for Thursday. Because we were tired we watched a film and played with the dogs. Later on, we saw my student’s vineyards and we tried their homemade grape juice. Before we went to bed we looked at pictures from Switzerland.


After Enya and I had put our things into our room, we had time to relax. Afterwards we went to the city Brno by car. There we visited a castle and we spent some hours in a shopping centre. We were so tired that we could have slept during the whole journey.


After we were welcomed very gently, I went to the house of my host family. My exchange student showed me her house and we had a very good lunch. At one o’clock we went to a castle called Lednice. It is a wonderful castle and I really enjoyed staying there all afternoon. There we also had a great lunch next to the castle. The weather was also just marvellous! I can say, that I had a great start in the Czech Republic and I have a wonderful host family.


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  1. Hello together
    Thank you very much for all these beautiful pictures you posted! Enjoy your time in Czech Republic. Kind regards are sent to all.
    Renata Zuppiger Andreato

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