Monday – school and town

It was a warm, sunny day, when we and the Czech students met at the main entrance at Strážnice. After having exchanged our experiences from yesterday, we were accurately informed about the programme in the Aula. Part of the programme was a more detailed tour across the school building and a small language workshop in Czech which was pretty funny, because the Czech students made a contest out of it. After that, the Czech performed a very impressing presentation of their ,,school-band´´ which played fast songs using violines, clarinettes, a cymbalon (a sort of piano) and a double bass. The Czech teachers taught us how to dance to this traditional music, which was really funny, because most of the people couldn’t do it properly. Especially the second song, the one made only for men, was very complicated.

The official welcome was made by the assistant mayor of Strážnice at the city hall. Right after we could taste a special snack that looked like a small cake, but was actually filled with creamy cheese. We took a closer look at the town itself, which included downtown, the park, the castle, a historical village, the canal and the big catholic church. There were some small shops downtown, two statues and the square where the inhabitants perform their festivals. Strážnice owns according to me a big and very beautiful park with lots of trees, a canal and a long street with trees on both sides. Behind the canal we discovered the majestic castle. We did a full tour inside to see clothes, furniture, portraits and hunting weapons of the past six centuries which was very exciting to experience.

The historical village impressed many of us, too. We could see how the people of the Czech Republic lived hundreds of years ago and compare it to today’s life. After all those experiences many were a little tired, but nevertheless we went on because we couldn’t stop enjoying it. The long canal, which was originally built to export shoes into the whole world, was an interesting fact explained by very kind Czech students. The last stop was the big historical catholic church with its tall towers and its highly decorated interieur. So the day was generally just great with all the impressions which we enjoyed. The weather was perfect and we wonder how the other days will catch up with this one.

Valentin, Demian, Timon


2 thoughts on “Monday – school and town

  1. Hey there
    It´s interesting to know what you are doing. I hope you enjoy the time in Strážnice.
    Regards Yves

  2. Hey there
    This looks very cool!
    We hope that we will also experience this trip to the Czech Republic.
    Best Regards
    Jonas and Annina

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