Friday evening 13th and Saturday 14th

Hi there

After dinner the Dutch guys built up a stage for the six groups who had prepared a song or dance. First the Italians sang a song in a big group. Then the Spanish taught us the “Macarena” dance. Later some other Spanish sang a really terrible song. It was so bad that the teachers turned the microphone off…After the school party we went to the “Bommel” to drink a hot chocolate. We had lots of fun on our last evening.

In the morning we met at 7.25 at the train station of Middleburg. There we said goodbye to our “parents” and Xchange partners. The train left at 7.43. In Rosendaal we changed trains to Brussels.When we got in the train from Brussels to Frankfurt the ticket inspector said to Mrs Kurz: “Why are you all so slow, just sit down!” Mrs Kurz said:”Have you ever travelled with a school class?” His answer was :”You have two handicaps: First of all, you travel with pupils, and then you are from Switzerland!” In Frankfurt our train was late and therefore we had to change trains in Basel again, but apart from a this, our journey was without any problems.

Thank you for having had this wonderful opportunity, it was more than worthwhile!

Maona and Oscar



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