Friday 13th November “The Storm” and the storm

Hi everybody

In the morning we went to the cinema in Vlissingen and watched a real  interesting film about the storm in the Zeeland. We felt with them when in 1953 they lost their families and some of us had to cry. Later we went to the beach for a little walk and enjoyed the waves and the sun.

At lunchtime we had some free time and explored the city. Some of us bought delicious oliebollen. While we were waiting for the teachers it started to rain cats and dogs and a strong wind rose (wind force 8!). As we were walking along the beach we could feel the power of the sea, it was fun walking with this backwind.When we had arrived at the bus everybody was soaked – not all of our jackets proved to be waterproof…

In the evening we met at school in a very big hall with all Xchangers. There was Chinese food which – I think – most of us liked. As we were eating our mood got better and better.

Sandra and Julia

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