Thursday 12th November The Hague

Hi everybody

The Dutch thought that we had to get up very early today (for us this is normal). We had to meet at 7.30 in front of the busses. Some people were sleeping in the bus because we had a small party yesterday.

We chose a special route to the Hague. We drove along the storm surge barriers and made a little stop in Rotterdam to have a look at some special buildings.

Our fist stop in The Hague was the Palace of Peace. We learned about how peace between two countries can be made without war but with arbitrating and diplomacy and why there exist peace contracts.

Most of us had a sandwich from “Subway” for lunch and we could visit a traditional Dutch market. It was not that big but there were lots of interesting books. After lunch we saw the Royal Palace and its guards. Sadly we couldn’t take pictures as this was forbidden.

Later we went to a really nice museum, the “Panorama Mesdag”, a panorama picture of the landscape near The Hague. The painting was really creepy for your brain because it looked so real. After that we went to the “Mauritshuis” where we saw paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and other famous painters. We had to build groups and try to copy one of Rembrandt’s paintings in about two minutes. Our sketches looked quite awful!

After all this sightseeing it was shopping-time. We could do our stuff for three hours and all got back to the busses with full shopping bags!

Laurin and Aron

2 thoughts on “Thursday 12th November The Hague

  1. Hello students and teachers (including the Dutch ones
    Thanks for all your interesting reports and all the nice pics. It sounds as if you were having fun – enjoy the rest of your stay!
    Ursy Helbling

  2. Dear students and teachers
    I wish you a great party this evening and a safe return tomorrow!
    All the best 🙂
    Beat Merz

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