Wednesday 11th November storm surge barrier

Hi everybody

Today everybody was at school on time.We watched a film called “Delta Finale”.The film was about how they constructed the storm surge barrier in the Netherlands.The Dutch had other problems than we in Switzerland: They were constantly fighting against the sea. All the Swiss students were interested in the film but the Dutch students took out the phones. We were shocked that the Dutch teachers didn’t do anything, but of course for the Dutch this is all part of their daily life.

We walked along the sea with the other Xchange students form Italy and Spain and saw some parts of this huge construction. We took a lot of group pictures there.

In Veere, a nice little village, which is crowded with tourists in summer, we took our lunch. It was a pity that some of us had to sit outside because they didn’t have enough seats for everybody inside.

After that we went back to Middelburg to the Zeeuws Museum (a museum which shows all kinds of art of the province of Zeeland) where we had to do a workshop.We made small drawings on a piece of paper and art students who were our guides explained to us what these things were. Sometimes their plan didn’t work, but it was funny! At the end all of the groups had to make small drawings on a huge paper which will be displayed as a wall carpet in Nehalennia.

Tamara and Alina

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  1. Sounds interesting – I hope you will post some pictures of your paintings! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Greez from Switzerland

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