Tuesday 10th November Antwerpen

Hi everybody and goedendag!

Today we were in Antwerp.The bus took us there in about an hour.We were there a little bit late so we had to run to the museum called Rubenshuis. We didn’t travel there alone, a Spanish and an Italian group who also take part in the Xchange programme did the journey with us.The Swiss were at the museum first, but they let the Spanish in first. So we had to wait and wait and WAIT….Meanwhile we did a round in the city centre.

Rubens is a world famous painter who is famous for having painted fat women. But we didn’t see many of his paintings, the museum shows mainly paintings of contemporary painters and we could see his beautiful and richly decorated house. It was a little difficult for us to understand the guide so we were glad we could go and have lunch after that: We enjoyed French fries and waffles.

Did you know that the name “French fries” comes from the Americans who fought in Belgium , ate these special potatoes, came home and told their families and friends about these fries. They thought they had been in France! So actually we should call them “Belgian fries”.

Martin and Fabian

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