Sunday – family day

After 16 hours we arrived in Middelburg. Everyone was getting nervous and afraid to see his/her Xchange partner.. The Dutch students, their parents and the teachers (except one) were already expecting us. The warm welcome was a real highlight: They had even taken a Dutch flag with them!

First, our Xchange-families took us to their home. After lunch we went to the beach of Vlissingen. We enjoyed the beautiful view and walked along the sea shore.We could even see some huge container ships. We were looking for some shells and found some to take home. It was very windy and therefore cold, behind the dunes it was quite a bit warmer.

Later we went to a restaurant and were talking and eating something.

After this great day we went to bed early because we were very tired. It was a wonderful first day in Holland.

Michelle, Moira and Fabienne

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