Monday 9th November

We woke up at 7.15, and we had a piece of bread with cheese and ham and other Dutch specialities for breakfast. School started at 8.30. First the teachers hold a presentation about the Netherlands. After that we had to “speed date” each other. The Dutch presented us typical specialities of their country like “stroopwafels”, “lakritz” (which hardly anybody liked) and “speculaas”. We also told each other about our hobbies.

Then it was time for our city-trip.We started with a boat ride on one of the canals. The guide told us a lot of Middelburg’s history while driving.For example: Middelburg was a very important city in the 16th century; it was an important trading centre. We hopped off the boat and went to the “Lange Jan” where we climbed the 207 steps to have a fantastic view over Middleburg. Then we walked to a kind of a fortress which used to be an abbey later. After all this useful information by Mr.Francke, the Dutch teacher, we walked back to school. There we met our Dutch friends and went home again.

This day we’ve learnt a lot about Middleburg’s history.

Marco and Jan

2 thoughts on “Monday 9th November

  1. Hello!
    We’re hoping you have a nice day. It’s interesting to know what you do in Middelburg and what new things you get to know.
    We also hope that the Dutch are friendly 🙂
    If you keep posting such interesting things, we want to go to the Netherlands, too!
    1E1 Jäger

  2. Hello everybody!

    It seems you have a great time in the Netherlands!! Wish I were there, too! Enjoy your special time and the special way of having school!
    I’m looking forward to reading the next post from you!

    Have a nice time
    M. Schafferer

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