… and off we go!

Finally the day has come, we met at the train station in Andelfingen at 19.15. We said goodbye to our families and friends and drove to Zurich main station.We were all very excited to get into the City Night Line. As soon as we were all in our rooms, we had to realise that they were very tiny.We brought our stuff and then it was rather quiet. In our room (Tamara, Alina, Vanessa and Fatima) we opened the window and every time we were at a station we were talking a bit with some people.

At 22.30 we had to be quiet and go to sleep, but most of us didn’t do so. At midnight three drunk guys came along the train and tried to open the doors but we had locked them, so they couldn’t get in.

Sunday morning we woke up at about 7.30 and ate some breakfast. The train was late, so we couldn’t catch the scheduled train. We took the next one. As soon as we had arrived we went into a bus and drove a bit through Holland .We were very amazed by the trees and the houses(it’s called “unintentional sightseeing”). Then we got to the next train station to catch another train . We were very amazed by the trees and the houses.

Yes- and we are relieved that we’ve finally made it to Holland and are looking forward to this week.

By Fatima and Vanessa

3 thoughts on “… and off we go!

  1. Hi there!
    Seems your journey to the Netherlands was quite an adventure! 😉
    Enjoy your stay in Middelburg – it was an unforgettable week for me last year, too.
    I’m looking forward to your next blog-post.
    Greez from Switzerland,

  2. Hello everyone!
    We like how you write and show us how it is in the Netherlands. It seems that you’re having a lot of fun. We hope that you enjoy your time in the rest of the week.
    Greetings from Switzerland
    1E1 Rapold

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