Friday & Saturday / Last evening and trip home

Hi everyone!

Friday night:
After the official ending at school we all went to the city center of Middelburg by bikes. We built two groups, one of them went to Floris’ house and the other one went to a café in town. The group by Floris did a campfire, sang songs and ate popcorn. We also played card-games with “Jasskarten” and were laughing a lot. It was a lot of fun and a special last evening. The other group at the café drank quite a lot of hot chocolates and non-alcohol-drinks like “safe sex on the beach”. They were having a good time, too. We think that all of us had a special last evening with the Dutch friends and slept a bit less then the other nights.

Saturday / Trip home:
We met each other at the train station at 9:55am. Now it was time to say good bye to our host families. We regrouped in a big circle, held hands and then everyone shook hands or hugged his or her host-brother / host-sister and said good bye. Then we took our luggage and went on the train. We were waving a lot and happy to know that we’ll see our host-brothers / sisters in Switzerland again. Philipp’s host-brother was running next to the train and was waving like crazy.:)

After one hour we arrived in Rosendaal and changed trains. Everyone was getting a bit nervous and afraid, because of the strike in Germany. In s-Hertogenbosch we had to change trains again, this time to a DB-train to Frankfurt….. Mr. Brugger went to the ticket desk and asked for our train to Frankfurt. The person behind the desk told him that there was NO TRAIN! For our luck Mr. Brugger asked to control that with the computer and luckily there really was a train going to Frankfurt. When he came back to our group he told us what happened and stopped after the NO-TRAIN, so everyone was shocked and we thought we have to stay here waiting for the next train until Sunday. But then he told us the end of the story and everybody was very happy! 🙂

In the ICE we had a reserved seats, so some of us were a bit disappointed because we only had 2 seats next to each other which made it not so easy to talk with the rest of the group. But we found little radios next to our seat and we could listen to music and stories about Christmas and Peter Pan. But we think the machine was broken because the quality was bad. Anyway, later we played games like “Stadt, Land, Fluss”. Others were talking, some were reading on others were listening to music.

In Frankfurt we changed the train to Basel SBB (ICE again). We were lucky because everything was working like on the plan. Now we’re sitting in the train to Basel SBB and are writing this text. We are looking forward to see our families. We really had a wonferdul week and we’re happy to see the Dutch students again in April. A big THANK YOU ALL for this awesome week!

Rahel & Malin


Some quotes by students on the trip home:

“We had great evenings with mixed groups of Dutch and Swiss students. It was so great we will never forget that!”.

“The day in Den Haag was very nice and we had beautiful evenings in restaurants with our new friends.”.

“Thursday was the best day because we have never been riding tandems before. We will never forget that week!”.

“The film about the flood of 53 was impressive! A bit too dramatic, too.”.

Things we’re looking forward at home:
– Zopf
– my own room
– my family
– the own bed
– Swiss chocolate

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