Friday / Sports day & last evening

Hi everybody!

Today we could sleep an hour longer, the sports day started at 9:30am. They welcomed us with a really fun warm-up and dance.

At Taekwondo we learned how to fight. The blind-volleyball was very funny to play because we didn’t see what the other group was doing. At the dance-lesson we learned a choreography from a Dutch dance-group. It was very funny but a little bit difficult. The Dutch games we played were skipping rope, hola hoop, tug war (Seilziehen) and other small games. At 2:00pm we finished and went home again.

Some of us stayed at home, others went to the city. At 6:00pm we went back to school and got a delicious american-style dinner. An american-style dinner ist that everyone brings some food for 3-4 persons. After dinner we listened to another song performed in the classroom. Miëtte sang, Thijn played the guitar, Philippe played drums and Delano, too.

Then we went to the mensa. The other exchange students sang some songs, we were having fun and a little party together. In the end, Miëtte and a friend of her sang a song again and then we could go home.

It was an awesome last day with  much sport and fun.

Virgilia & Nicole

1 thought on “Friday / Sports day & last evening

  1. Hello Netherland-travellers,
    everyday day I followed your Xchange blog.
    It was very interesting to read your stories and to see the pictures.
    I’ am sure you spent a good time in Middelburg and I’ am glad, that your trip home through striking Germany was ok.

    Hannelore Leonardo, Murrhardt

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