Thursday / Tandem day

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We had to be at school at 8:30am, which is late when we compare it with the start of our school in Switzerland. We were one hour at school, where we learned some new Dutch words again, which is funny every morning. A few people created small plastic-windmills to put them on the bikes later. We also read some blog texts from the last days and it was really funny to look at our pictures.

After that we went to the bicycle renting station in Burgh Haamstede (Schouwen-Duiveland) by bus. By the way: two Dutch teachers live there. After one small crash we arrived at a tower near the sea and we went up there. Later we visited “Oosterschelde”, which is one of the huge dikes in that area. After that stop some of us went the wrong way into an dead end and we had to wait for them.

Later we went to an old windmill which also had a restaurant. We were taken on a tour into the windmill and had some delicious pancakes for lunch. We continued our tandem tour and stopped somewhere at the beach. It was really special because all of us were there and after many hours cycling in the fog finally the sun was shining.  Close to the beach, we went to a lovely pub and warmed ourselves with a hot chocolate. or just drank a Cola. After that we had new power to ride our tandems, which was so funny because it’s hard to ride.

Finally we went to the family-house of one of the Dutch teachers, met his mother his father there and cleaned our tandems. They offered us a snack and we also got a lovely souvenir as a present. After that we brought our tandems to the renting-station and got back into the bus.

It was a really funny day, mostly because of the cycling with tandems.

Janick, Andi & Joel

3 thoughts on “Thursday / Tandem day

  1. We are happy to see your are spending a very educational and funny week in Holland.
    Thanks for the reports and pictures,it`s fun following your activities in the blog.
    N. and M. Merazzi

  2. Dear pupils
    It looks like you’re spending a really exciting week in the Netherlands! Every evening I read your interesting posts and I would like to compliment you to write such excellent texts, I’m very impressed by that.
    Enjoy your last two days as much as you can with your families, new friends and your Sek Afi teachers 🙂

  3. Hello to all Swiss and Dutch students – and teachers!

    It sounds that you’re having great fun! Thanks for your texts and pics – I realize once more how important this Xchange project is.
    Enjoy your last hours together and have a safe journey back.
    See you on Monday, Swiss students.
    Ursy Helbling
    Give a big hug to Cor van der Neut and Jeroen.

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