Wednesday / Den Haag

Hi everyone!

Today we went to Den Haag. We met each other at school at 7:45am.

When we arrived at Den Haag we started with a city walk. First, we were going to a the Knight hall at the Dutch Parliament where our guide told us many things about the Dutch politics. Once a year, the king comes to the Hall of Knights and delivers a speech in the beautiful hall.

Then we walked to the Swiss embassy where we rang the bell. A man opened the door and to our surprise two students where allowed to get in. It was really awesome that they went to Swiss territory. After a few minutes they came back, told us what happened and we went on.

Later we saw the big working palace of the king. We knew that he was really there because the flag was on the roof. Next we visited another museum next to the Peace Palace. It’s very important because the International Court of Justice is here and it tries to solve conflicts without war. Everyone got an audio guide here. Teacher’s comment: after a while Jana’s audio guide started giving information in Chinese which was big fun!

After the arrival at the “Mesdag” we went through the exhibition with some paintings and photographs. But our real favorite was the famous and impressive Panorama – painting. It looked fabulous and extremely realistic! It felt like being there at the beach! After that beautiful view we had some free time. Most students went shopping souvenirs like Stroopwaffels for friends and family.

We think everybody had fun. Now we’re sitting in the coach and are watching the traffic jam. It was the best day till now.

Tamara, Jana & Kristina

Link to the Mesdag-Panorama:

Link to the awesome artist who showed his work as well:

3 thoughts on “Wednesday / Den Haag

  1. Hello everybody in Middelburg!
    I am very impressed by all your texts and pictures that you leave in the BLOG and the activities you experience in the Netherlands!
    What I first remarked, when I looked through the BLOG: all this happy faces everywhere! I hope you enjoy the week! M. Frey

  2. Wauw, what a storytellers are there among you. Thank you so much in spending time together, telling stories and have a really good time together….

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