Tuesday / All about floods and Vlissingen

Hi there!

Today I had a Dutch speciality for breakfast: a slice of bred with Hagelslag on it. That’s “Schoggistreuseli” – i really loved it!

At 8:30am, we met each other at school. We were listening to some more presentations, the topics of today were Second World War, the flood of 53, Den Haag and the Flora and Fauna of the Netherlands. Furthermore, we showed our exchange-friends our blog and now we’re hoping that they’ll leave a comment. Suddenly, the Dutch students covered a song for us again – it was very impressive. To finish the morning at school, we had to translate the national anthem of the Netherlands to English in a competition.

Later we went to the cinema in Vlissingen by bus. There were Swiss, Italian, Spanish and Dutch students. It was quite loud and hot in the bus. In the cinema we were watching a movie about the horrible storm in 53. The film was very interesting, scary and sad at the same time. It was touching because it’s based on a real thing.

After the movie we went to the sea and ate our lunch. We had french fries, sandwiches and swiss chocolate.

Later we did a city walk which showed us the center a bit but mainly we were walking along the beautiful sea. Now we’re on our way back to school in Middelburg and are writing this text. At school we’re going to take our bikes and go home to our families.

It was a beautiful day with many new impressions of the Netherlands.

Gloria, Larissa & Mirjam


Winner of the anthem-translation is group E with 70 points: congratulations!

Wilhelmus from Nassouwe
am I from German blood
fatherlands trust
I will stay until the death
a prince of orange
I am free, unfired
The king of Spain
I have always honored

2 thoughts on “Tuesday / All about floods and Vlissingen

  1. I still remember when I had my first Hagelslag bread in the NL, it’s an awesome “speciality” 🙂 . Enjoy your trip – hopefully you fall in love with travelling and exploring foreign countries!
    Larissa Joller

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