Sunday – Family day

Hello everyone!

After a long trip we finally arrived at Middelburg at 12 o’ clock. The Dutch students, their parents and the teachers were already expecting us. The principal of the project welcomed  us and gave us some important infos. The whole welcoming at the station was a real highlight: we felt very welcomed after a few moments, everyone was friendly, they even prepared small confetti-bombs for us.

First, my host family took me to their home. After lunch we went to Middelburg City Center and met other students (always a tandem of Dutch and Swiss student). We had a look at the city together and played some card games. To learn these new games was one of  my highlights so far, because first of all, the cards are different to ours, they had to explain in English and so it was difficult and funny at the same time.

Later we met even more exchange-students in town and we were talking and having fun a lot.

After this busy day we all went to bed early because we were tired. It was great first day in Holland. 🙂

Svenja & Lea

PS: teacher’s comment:
We also had our “family day”. Cornelius took us to Vlissingen, we enjoyed a delicious lunch in a restaurant in a former train station. After that we were ready for a wonderful boat cruise to the other side (Breskens) and back again. It was just fantastic. The pictures show our day.

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