Monday – Nehalennia & City Walk in Middelburg

Hello out there!

At morning, we went to the extremely big school called “Nehalennia”. We think around 1000 students go to school there, that’s very impressive! The Dutch students did some presentations about the Zeeland (f.e. about the history, culture, geography and so on). Furthermore, in a speed-dating they have showed us typical Dutch things. After that, we played some typical games from the Netherlands which was a nice experience. To our own surprise we already knew some of them, like “Zapfejass”. Others were totally new.

At 12 o’ clock we had a quick lunch at the big school mensa with a lot of other guys from all around Europe.

Later we went on a boat trip through the city on the so called “Grachten”. Every time we passed a bride we had to duck our heads a lot – these bridges were really low. The next activity was a city-walk. Dutch students organized the walk by themselves and presented some highlights, for example the yard of Roosevelt College, the narrow roads of the old town, a very creepy church: it had a¬†skeleton above the entrance door. Last but no least, the major of Middelburg officially welcomed us to his city in the beautiful old town hall.

Now we’re writing this blog text in a nice caf√© while drinking a hot chocolate. We’re looking forward to another great day in Middelburg.

Benjamin, Mika & Philipp

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