Trip to Middelburg

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, the time had come to leave our families for one week and start the adventure. At 7:30pm, we left Andelfingen and went to Zurich main station to change to the connecting night-train to Amsterdam. We were shocked about the small size of the couchette. We were talking to each other until 10pm. Later, we tried to sleep but some people fell out of the bed which made us laugh a lot. In addition, one of us woke up in another bed in the cabin and didn’t know why, which was a bit creepy. We had a very short but funny night.

At 7:45am, we got up. Unfortunately, our train had a one hour delay, so we had to change trains in Arnhem instead of Amsterdam. Everyone was happy in that new train, because free Wifi was available. The teachers were not so happy about that and we put our smartphones away :). Then we were playing a game called “Black Stories” to kill time until our arrival. Slowly, we got more nervous.

By the way: we knew that the Netherlands is a flat country, but we didn’t expect it THAT flat.

It was a funny journey and night. We hope that this week is going to be awesome.

Leona & Vivienne

1 thought on “Trip to Middelburg

  1. I’m glad that your trip wasn’t a black story itself at all! I wish you a fantastic week full of joy and intense experiences!
    Thomas Staub

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