Ready to go!

Finally, the Xchange-adventure is about to start! 20 students and two teachers of our secondary school are looking forward to travelling to Middelburg by train on 1th November (luckily, it’s not Halloween-night, this would have been a bit spooky). We are invited by our partner school NEHALENNIA in Holland for one week. The students will live with host families, attend school, visit historical towns, walk by the sea, have fun with the Dutch school friends and learn about the Dutch way of life.
We’re going to run a blog about the Xchange with daily updates (text and pictures) by students. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and be a part of our adventure, too!

1 thought on “Ready to go!

  1. Hi everybody
    I hope that your trip wasn’t too adventurous and that you’re all spending a relaxed Sunday with your host families.I wish you all lots of awesome experiences with your new Dutch friends, I’m eager to learn about your adventures in the Netherlands.
    Best regards, take care

    Gaby Kurz

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