Welcome to Andelfingen :)

Our anticipation was huge, finally you are here! Dear students and teachers from Strašnice, welcome to Switzerland! We will have a great week together with school activities, workshops and excursions. We wish you, your Swiss partner students and their families an amazing and exciting week.

Saturday, 13th April

We’ve packed our bags…

This week went by too fast, we’re grateful that we could experience this funny, beautiful week. The farewell was so emotional, will we ever meet again?

At 7.20 a.m. we started our long journey home. The way from Vienna to Feldkirch was really exhausting.The main problem was in Feldkirch because some students weren’t able to hop out of the train. They turned back and we had to take a bus to Buchs because there was no reasonable train connection.From there we took a train to Sargans, changed again and made it back to Andelfingen with a delay of one hour. We all had too little sleep and still feel sad about the departure from the Czech Republic.

Good that tomorrow it’s Sunday!

Elea Melchionna

Chiara Stelletti

Friday, 12th April

Competitions and farewell party

We started our last day with a quiz and floorball. Two groups of Swiss and Czech groups were formed. We played floorball or did a quiz and after a short break we changed. Around noon we met for the announcement of the rankings and then everyone made his/her way.

The free time was used for packing or meeting others and spending time together. Later in the evening everyone met in the Hotel Strážnice for dinner and an official goodbye before all students left for the party.

Leslie Leardini

Madita Bischoff

Woraya Wannapho

Thursday, 11th April

We love Prague

After a looooong trip we had our personal highlight: Prague! It was cold and windy, but we enjoyed the whole day. First we visited Wenceslas Square, which is the centre of the town. Then we crossed Charles Bridge. We saw a lot of musicians and painters there. The walk up to the castle took us quite a while. Before we could enter the area, we had to pass a security check, which surprised us a lot. The castle is really old but beautiful and the nearby church impressed us with its artistic glass windows inside.What a wonderful view over the city of Prague, everybody just had to take pictures!

Enough sightseeing – that’s what the jolly shopper’s heart says! First we tried a typical speciality of Prague called Trdelnìk. This is a yeast dough with a sugar hazelnut coating. Yummy!!!

Then the Czech students decided to go to a shopping centre, whereas the Swiss wanted to buy souvenirs. So we split into two groups and walked back to the train station.

Finally we sat in the train with some typical souvenirs and lots of memorable pictures.

Ramona Ettlin

Jasmin Pfaffhauser

Stephanie Mathis

Wednesday, 10th April

A day in Luhačovice

Today we were in one of Moravia’s oldest health resorts. We made a sightseeing tour with a small train on wheels which was really funny. The aggressive driving style and the bumpy road made this tour quite an adventurous one…

We could taste the spring water which was enriched with different minerals. It was just yuk!!! A very tasty hot chocolate helped us warm up again. At last we bought oplatky, a traditional sweet, for ourselves and our families.

Alex Räss

Lukas von Massenbach

Tuesday, 9th April

25 degrees in Mikulov

A hot visit in the castle of Lednice and the city of Mikulov.

Our journey started in front of Strážnice’s gymnasium. The bus arrived right on time and we all got in. After one hour driving through the Czech Republic we arrived at the castle in Lednice. It was very impressive. After 45 minutes of exploring the surroundings with the huge garden we went to the next destination with our private bus.

We stopped at the bottom of a hill with ruins on it. The whole area belongs to a nature reserve. We had to walk up the mountain which was really exhausting because it was so hot! Finally we were at the top of the mountain where we had about 20 minutes to explore the old walls.

We kept on walking up to a little hill where we had our lunch. It was so windy that we had to wear a jacket! Otherwise we could have got sick, and nobody needs that! The way back to the bus was really hard, there were stones and dust everywhere, it was quite slippery and the area reminded us a bit of Italy.

Our last destination was Mikulov. Our teachers allowed us one hour to explore the city. Since we were all tired, we first ate an ice cream. We think that the Czech ice cream is better than the Swiss one because it has more aroma. Then we explored the old castle which was needed for political negotiations. It was extremely impressive and huge. We had a comfortable way back to Strážnice.

André Pfister

Nick Anrig

Monday, 8th April

Culture in  Strážnice 

Rise and shine with beautiful weather in Strážnice.Today was all about culture. First thing in the morning: We were greeted by the school director who wished us a nice stay in Strážnice. Next we learned some things about the place. We had a special concert which was held by a school ensemble. After a greeting in the town hall by the major of  Strážnice we were offered a sweet speciality of the area. Then we returned to the school to learn a few Czech words.

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Saturday, 6th April

Journey to Strážnice

Good morning everybody. We finally arrived in Strážnice after a long ride on the night jet and some other trains.

First, after we had said goodbye to our parents, we took the train to Zurich, where the night jet awaited us. The compartments were quite narrow, but when we had stowed everything away, it was comfortable, everybody slept a while. At 7 o’clock we woke up and we ate breakfast. We could choose between coffee and tea.

In Vienna, we saw some old buildings which looked quite nice. The Austrian landscape is flat and without any special characteristics.There were some villages, wind turbines and many acres.We crossed the border to the Czech Republic at about 9 p.m. The Czech Republic welcomed us with a train delay.

But that wasn’t a big problem, because at the next stop we had to wait about one hour. The trains were as expected, bad (quote: Flip, my change partner)!

In Hodonìn we were awaited by the Czech teacher Jan Willem Jongepier. Together with him we travelled to Strážnice where we first officially met our partners.

Jan Gross und Samuel Bührer